Your Tablet Becomes a Canvas

Rabbyt is a digital canvas service that allows you to easily decorate with pictures, photos and illustrations like posters.

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Unchanging scenery

Being surrounded by computers, TVs, familiar pieces of furniture and wallpaper... The scenery outside the window changes slowly, and it feels like I am viewing same things every day.

Decorate your room

I started to consider decorating my room with paintings because I was going out less and started working from home.

Keep your favorite things nearby

Your favorite things are right beside you.
Keep them close where you can find them anytime.


Decorate your tablet

Rabbyt works its magic while you are working, playing games, or watching TV.
Like the furniture in your room or the posters hanging on your walls, you will catch sight of it when you least expect to. That is Rabbyt.

By using a stand or hanging it on a wall, you can decorate with a picture.


More of your favorite things

You no longer have to go out into the city to find great pictures.
With Rabbyt, you can upload and display images that you or someone else enjoys.


Works with Twitter

You can display images that you "like".

Use Twitter if you want to decorate with illustrations, contemporary art, or photos.
Rabbyt will connect with the app and display your favorite images that you "like" for you to enjoy.